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Introducing our limited run, artisanal,
Vegan Farmer's Market Sushi Box.
Available by pre-order for Friday & Saturday pick up or delivery.

The last couple of years have led a lot of us to change how we think about eating out, entertaining, and getting together with our loved ones and friends. During shelter in place here in the Bay Area with events and restaurants closed or severely limited, our Executive Chef began to appreciate his weekly trips to the farmer's market as not just a way to stay feeling connected - but also to support his friends, farmers and local producers in the industry.

Initially Chef began creating boxes of meticulously crafted vegan sushi with the pristine produce from his weekly trips just for fun to give away to family and friends. As the pandemic continued, word spread and when pictures kept getting shared and tagged on social media - it almost became an inside joke as to who was going to get a box each week. DM's for "vegan sushi platter drop offs or catering" even started popping in.

Now for a limited time along with Chef Michael we are offering these vegan farmer's market sushi boxes on Tock every Friday and Saturday for pick up at our showroom and commercial kitchen in downtown Oakland, or delivery throughout most of the Bay Area. Boxes include 6 expertly crafted vegan maki rolls (3 uramaki, 1 giant futomaki, a Japanese cucumber roll, an heirloom toybox squash roll), 12 pieces of heirloom vegetable nigiri, house made kizami wasabi from fresh Half Moon Bay wasabi root, young shin shoga ginger, and double brewed Yamaki Jozo soy. Each box comfortably feeds 3-4 people and is $95.

Our vegan sushi boxes will change to utilize the most fresh and hyper-seasonal produce at its peak from week to week. Detailed box descriptions are available on Tock and Instagram @makaseruvegan

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